Live in sync with the Moon! Week of February 9th

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of February 9th– February 15th

The waning Moon is diminishing in light, moving to the final stages of the Moon cycle (the new Moon cycle will start on February 18thwith the New Moon in the very last degree and the very last second of Aquarius).  Our plans that started in the beginning of this Moon cycle should have reached their apogee around the time of the Full Moon, and we should clearly see now how successful they turned out to be. Now, it’s time to share our experiences of this cycle, analyze the results, and, by the end of the week, to start preparing for the new lunar cycle by planning and setting the new goals. By the start of the new Lunar cycle, we need to have well defined goals and plans and meditate on them on the day of the new Moon to set our intentions for the successful Lunar cycle. When we tune into the natural cycles, the Universe works with our intentions helping us to successfully accomplish our tasks and to fulfill our expectations.

The current lunar cycle has started in Aquarius – the sign of inventive breakthroughs, of humanitarian work, loyalty to our friends and our associations, and the groups to which we belong. It has started in the very first degree of the sign of Aquarius, prompting a powerful beginning and breakthroughs in the ways we network, relate to humanitarian causes and revolutionize our connections. The next cycle will start at the very end of the sign of Aquarius. If we did not use the current cycle to its full potential, we will have another chance to address these areas of our lives. If we did set the goals and have reached them, then we will have a chance to expand. In any case, the Aquarian goals are stressed by the Universe in the two consecutive Lunar cycles starting in the same sign, and we will be rewarded for consciously bringing the Aquarian energy into our lives.

Monday February 9th– Moon is in the sign of Libra.

A harmonious day when we will be aligned with our life purpose and will be moving forward with our life plan if we don’t indulge in ambitious and restrictive power games. Avoiding the power struggles that may arise unexpectedly will keep us balanced and making sudden breakthroughs in the ways we handle the known and repeating situations where competition for power interferes with our security and comfort.

Tuesday February 10th– morning of Thursday February 12th: Moon is in Scorpio.

The Tuesday morning may be dreamy, foggy, and emotional. We will feel the need to go deep and to understand our feelings, but could be unable to grasp them and to analyze and rationalize them.  Wednesday morning should bring clarity and understanding: we will be able to relate to others’ feelings and moods again, and we will be able to analyze out own deeply hidden desires and act on them. This day may bring an enchanting opportunity to transcend the limits of our bodies and our minds and to relate to our significant others’ at a deep level and with transformative insights. If we use this chance wisely and don’t indulge in selfish pursuits and don’t impose our views and beliefs on others, we may be able to make positive actions and make the choices that feel right.

Thursday February 12thlate morning – Saturday February 14th afternoon: Moon is in Sagittarius.

Now, when Mercury finally turned direct after giving us a chance to revise your plans and to slow down for some introspection, we may be setting new goals and exploring new ambitions. These are good days to revise our past experiences and repeating scenarios, to re-analyze your goals in life, and to set new targets. Aim high in setting your goals – ambitious Saturn will work together with the Moon in optimistic and expansive Sagittarius to help us set ambitious but realistic and responsible targets in life.

Saturday February 14thevening – Sunday February 15th: Moon is in Capricorn.

It’s finally a weekend, but it will be difficult to relax and to take it easy.  In fact, if you have an unfinished business project, this will be a perfect time to attend to it – either at your work place or in your home office. The mood will not be perfect for the Valentine’s Day: instead of enjoying the romance, you may be thinking about your purpose in life and your unfinished obligations and projects. If you surrender to these moods and just work through the weekend, you will be productive and satisfied and will feel that you are doing everything you have to work towards your ambitions.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST):

Saturday 14th 10:14 AM (15:14 GMT) – 5:24 PM (22:24 GMT).

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