LIVE IN SYNC WITH THE MOON: Week of May 11th – May

This week, we may be focusing on women’s issues, both in our private lives and on a bigger scale. As the Moon is finishing her cycle and becomes more contemplative and encourages reflection, we may take some time and actively engage in thinking and learning about the roles of women, equality, dedication, commitment, and wisdom that women bring into the life of a society and a family. The astrological weather emphasizes reflection and new ideas, especially when it comes to women’s issues and roles. There may be a lot of intellectual work but little action, and the delightful sensual weekend will crown this last week of the Moon’s cycle.

Moon in Aquarius: Monday May 11th:

Monday may be unsettling as we start questioning our life choices and may become aggravated and frustrated thinking that our life is not moving in the right direction or that we are not satisfied with the life at the moment. We may question whether we became too comfortable in our present situation, whether we made choices that brought us comfort and luxury but took us away from our real life purpose. Feeling of being different, of wanting more from life than we make of it, of breaking free and doing something meaningful for others may bother us throughout the day and take the joy out of the day.

Moon in Pisces: Monday May 11th late night – Thursday May 14th morning and early afternoon:

We may experience confusion and the feeling of stop-and-go on Tuesday. What do we want to sacrifice: our desire to explore the limits of our responsibilities and obligations or the ability to speak up in a direct and open way? Feeling as a victim and sufferer may make us to speak in a confrontational and defensive way, unless we remember about our responsibilities and limits and find a joy in them. This may require going deep and analyzing hard, and admitting to our selves the truth about our obligations. If we do, this may stop us from verbal conflicts and harsh words. Use your wisdom and the ability to transcend the limits of your body to connect to others in a meaningful and clear way and to understand and explain to others what they really mean in your life.

The ability to empathize with others comes naturally with the wisdom of our experience and compels us to make peace with our obligations that seem to be growing every day. Even when we feel too emotionally sensitive and sacrificing too much and too often, we should find healing and wisdom in doing so.

If a situation requiring a choice that affects your life direction and arises on Thursday, rely on your past experiences, act fast, and be straightforward. It will be easy to be generous and wear your heart on your sleeve on this day.

Moon in Aries: Thursday May 14th afternoon – Friday May 15th:

Expect all kinds of unexpected revelations and events. Luckily, we will feel active and brave, happy and creative to deal with anything that may unearth on this day. Finish everything important on Thursday, because Friday may be a slow day when nothing comes to an end and nothing seems to go as expected. If you can, reserve Friday for athletic activities and physical explorations that do not require any particular outcome. Any physical activity will bring the feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Moon in Taurus: Saturday May 16th – Sunday May 17th all day. 

Saturday will be super-delightful, with a slow pace and pleasant interactions with family and with anyone we meet. It will be a great day for preparing the flowerbeds (but wait to plant the flowers until the New Moon on Monday), doing any rearrangements or other projects in the garden and in the backyard. Sleeping in or just dreaming on a backyard porch will bring a lot of pleasure and fun. The meals will taste great, and we may even forget for a while about our plans and goals.

Being generous, understanding, and non-judgmental will bring a sense of stability in our life on Sunday, and it will be easy to go deep inside our psyche, to uncover the truth about the harsh facts that threaten our emotional comfort, and to reconcile our emotional needs with the reality.

There will be a feeling of completing the cycle and stably settling into a newly found emotional security this weekend, as the Balsamic Moon is finishing her cycle and preparing for the new round of her travel through the Zodiac.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours, week of May 11th – May 17th:

Friday May 15th8:03 AM – Saturday May 16th 3:02 AM.

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