Live in sync with the Moon! Week of February 2nd

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of February 2nd– February 8th

This is the week of full Moon, the time when the Moon is the most visible and illuminated in the sky. Just as it shines down on Earth and lights up the details of landscapes that are hidden in the dark, it also illuminates and brings to light the details of our relationships and sheds the light of objectivity on our plans and affairs. We can clearly see and objectively evaluate our progress, and we can decide to regroup and make corrections to our plans if needed. This is the perfect time to assess our plans and relationships, because we will see them clearly in the full light of the Moon. This month the full Moon is in the sign of Leo, and it is very close to Jupiter in the sky. The sign of Leo suggests that we need to focus on our romantic relationships and on our creative projects, while the proximity to Jupiter promises that we will see everything in the light of exaggeration and excessive optimism. Depending on the issue at hand this may be beneficial or detrimental to our plans.

Monday February 2nd: Moon in still in the sign of Cancer, moving to Leo in the early afternoon.

It may be difficult to get into the working mood on Monday in the morning. Our thoughts will be on the family and home affairs, and we will not be ready to fully return to the work place. Conversations and ideas about the life balance and women’s value at the work place and at home may arise, and important breakthroughs and changes can be made to reach the work - life balance.

Monday February 2ndafternoon – Wednesday February 4th: Moon is in Leo.

These are great days to show off your talents and the lighter sides of your personality. Romantic encounters will be enjoyable, games and performances will bring joy, spending time with children will be delightful. It will be easy to focus on creative projects, and the creative flow will bring satisfaction. You may think about changing your hairstyle or hair color. Moon will be full on Tuesday in the evening, bringing the time of high energy, sleeplessness, and revelations. The full Moon will be very close to Jupiter in the sky (if you see a bright "star” next to the Moon, this will be Jupiter): everything that you feel or discover during the new Moon will be amplified by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and magnification. If it feels too intense, don’t act on it. Wait for a day or two until the Moon moves on and the tension is released: the issue at hand may not seem that big and important after the Moon moves away from Jupiter and starts diminishing in light.

Thursday February 5th– Saturday February 7th morning and early afternoon: Moon is in Virgo.

Despite the work week winding down, your productivity will increase. You will be efficient and eager to organize your affairs. Communicating to your employees, taking care of your sick pets, or doing a favor to your relatives and friends will feel right and will be rewarded. This may be the peak time to organize and finish your project that you started earlier in January. You will see clearly what has to be done, and you will feel flexible and organized to address multiple issues at work and at home and to accomplish much more than you usually do.

Saturday February 7thafternoon –Sunday February 8th: Moon in Libra.

After the productive, filled with work and service days under the Virgo Moon, you will be ready to find your inner balance and to attend to the needs of your body and soul. Whether you will be rushing to a yoga studio, attending or hosting a dinner, listening to a concert, or enjoying an art exhibition, you should feel at ease and in harmony with yourself. Avoid open confrontations in favor of peace and balance. You will find pleasing others and accommodating their needs more rewarding than getting involved into a fight. This is a perfect time to decorate or re-decorate you home and to make those small improvements to beautify your living space. 

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST):

 February 6th 5:20 PM – February 7thuntil 7:40 AM.

Surgeries and any procedures associated with the risk of bleeding are not recommended during the full Moon. Allow a day before the full Moon and a day after the full Moon to avoid complications. The full Moon is on February 3rd 6:08 PM EST in the sign of Leo ruling heart and the upper back. Any interventions affecting the heart and the upper back should be avoided if possible or extra precautions should be taken if the procedure is unavoidable.


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