Live in sync with the Moon! Week of March 30

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of March 30th – April 5th     

The Full Moon and the full Lunar eclipse on April 4th in Libra (visible in the western North America, the Pacific, east Asia, Australia and New Zealand) stress the relationships this month and in the several months to come. Depending on your birth chart, other areas of life may be also emphasized, but relationships will be a general and a common theme on everyone’s mind: personal love relationships, interactions with clients and partners, with our best friends, with our lawyers and accountants. If there are planets in your birth chart that are directly affected by this eclipse, you may uncover something in your relationships (or other areas of your life, depending on the birth chart) that you may have to deal with for months to come. Others, whose planets in their birth charts are not directly touched by the eclipse, may not even notice it. However, as usual, we all will notice the Full Moon – shining brightly in the sky, disturbing our sleep, and bringing more energy and stamina if your Sun is in a Water sign or if your rising sign is a Water sign. We become illuminated during these times and may see things more clearly and more fully than we do during the other Lunar phases. Suddenly, it becomes clear where we are going with our lives, where we are on our journey, and what we can improve to feel more fulfilled.

Monday March 30th – Tuesday March 31st morning and early afternoon: Moon is in Leo

When the Moon is in Leo on a weekday, this is a signal to get to our creative projects. Anything that makes us feel the flow of creation, anything that makes us silly and passionate like children, anything that we feel happy doing would be a perfect project to focus on. These two days will not be very productive and will not result in many tangible accomplishments (unless you start something very early on Monday), so why not use them to work on our pet projects and enjoy the process? Although the Monday evening is a "school night”, it may become a very satisfying and fun date night and is very promising if you plan to romance and entertain a new gal or a new guy. For established couples, it is a time to play and to enjoy the romantic mood too! We may feel a bit selfish, and relating to others at the deeper level may be a challenge, but the mood will be light and fun, so, if we keep it light and remain ourselves, we can enjoy a fun evening.

Tuesday March 31st afternoon – Friday April 3rdmorning and early afternoon: Moon is in Virgo

The Virgo moon calls to perform our duties and chores to the best of our abilities. Resist daydreaming and questioning your responsibilities and become serious and productive. It’s a perfect position for the most of the workweek: Virgo Moon makes us feel good about being diligent and efficient. Under this Moon, we can accomplish a lot. Virgo Moon also makes us scrutinize and analyze everything, and it may be not that bad when approaching the Full Moon and the eclipse. We do need to figure out what needs improvements in our lives. This is the best time to understand where we stand and what we need to do to keep moving in a right direction. The combined energy of the Virgo Moon and the upcoming Full Moon and the eclipse should help us uncover everything that we cannot or refuse to see clearly. Reserve Thursday for reflectiing, analyzing, and planning: you may not be very productive and efficient in performing your everyday tasks, no matter how much you feel the need to attend to them and to perfect your work. Remember that analyzing your performance and regrouping and planning for the future makes us even more efficient and productive at the end and spend this Thursday Virgo Moon energy on doing this mental work, even thought you are unable to get to your plans and start doing everything you plan right now.

Friday April 3rd – Sunday April 5th morning and afternoon: Moon is in Libra

We are thinking about a balance, especially about balancing our Ego, our need to assert ourselves, to be true to our heart and our mind, to act in our best interests on one side and to break away from our selfishness and please the others, keep the peace with others on the other side. This is the Libra’s scale… The Moon tells us to consider others and to remember about our responsibilities and commitments… But our heart and our mind are telling us to be childish and selfish and impulsive… Under the Full Moon and with the new information uncovered (thanks to the eclipse), we may finally decide to break free.

Sunday April 5th 3 PM EDT– end of the day: Moon is in Scorpio 

This is a perfect action time. We feel deep, we intuitively feel what needs to be done now in this moment, and we have no fear or hesitation to act with confidence. We may feel an impulse to act and we may just do it!

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Monday March 30th 9:56 AM – Tuesday March 31st 2:12 PM;

Thursday April 2nd 5:00 AM – Friday April 3rd 3:07 AM;

Saturday April 4th 11:58 AM – Sunday April 5th 3:04 PM.


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