Monday April 27th until late evening: Moon in Leo

Reserve this day for creative projects. We will not be in a mood to attend to details or any routine tasks, this is a day to let your creativity shine. We may have ideas that promise to blossom and produce fruits, and we will be tempted to and should explore our limits. Don’t expect fast results though: you may think creatively, but this is not the time to charge ahead with actions.


Monday April 27th late evening – Thursday April 30th early morning: Moon in Virgo

After the Moon moves to Virgo, we will become very efficient, productive, and attentive to details. The expanding responsibilities may require extra attention and extra work, but we will not be afraid of long hours and difficult tasks. Sometimes, when we stop for a second, we will be tempted to daydream and fall into the world of fantasy, but the responsibilities and work ethics will prevail. Tuesday afternoon and evening is a great time to analyze your affairs and to make very practical and transformative choices that should lead you to fulfillment of your dreams. You will be able to think deep, to be efficient and practical, and to make decisions that will lead to actions as soon as the next day, Wednesday. Use the Wednesday evening to organize the closet or to clean your home – you will enjoy the process and will do it fast and well. If working on a business project or anything important, finish by the Wednesday night – you will do a lot of work without result on Thursday in the morning.


Thursday April 30th late morning – Saturday May 2nd evening: Moon in Libra

As the Moon moves to Libra, we may start thinking about reconciling our responsibilities and obligations with our ideal life direction and our callings. We may actually find some unexpected and transformative ways to do this as early as on Friday! But, to be able to reconcile irreconcilable, we need to go deep, be very honest with ourselves, and sort out what we really need in our future and what we should let go of. The need to act and the motivation to exercise or attend to the needs of our bodies will not allow us to sleep in on Saturday morning. A yoga lesson early in the morning may bring peace and harmony for the rest of the day. The interactions and conversations with others will be easy and enjoyable on Saturday, but overall it will be a day lacking actions or practical results, so it is better to spend it in a company of your partner or spouse and try to achieve inner harmony and peace.


Saturday May 2nd late evening – Sunday May 3rd: Moon in Scorpio

The evening of May 2ndmay be emotional and intense, and it will be difficult to express your emotions and let the intensity out. The dreams may be nightmarish, illogical, and emotional on the Sunday night as well. The Moon is almost full, and the Full Moon in Scorpio brings a lot of intense emotions and disturbances into our dreams and our reality. Relating to others may be more difficult than it is usually, having fun and enjoying romance may seem challenging, even when the high energy and sexual tension are present. After the intense Sunday, we may go to bed in hope to get some rest and sleep, but may end up just watching another disturbing nightmare as the full Moon makes a contact with the underworld God Pluto.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Week of April 27th – May 3rd

Monday April 27th10:12 AM – 9:07 PM;

Thursday April 30th8:23 AM – 10:02 AM;

Saturday May 2nd10:03 AM – 9:47 PM.






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