LIVE IN SYNC WITH THE MOON: Week of April 20th

The week is not rich with astrological events, but it will not be an easy week. The beginning of the week may be frustrating because it will be difficult to focus on business affairs, and the end of the week may be disappointing because caring for our families and homes may be distracting us from business. The Moon is growing in size and light and urges us to act and grow, but we are not in the mood on Monday, and we don’t have an opportunity later in the week. There will be long stretches of time, when our actions will not bring any expected results, and this will add to the frustration of this week. If you need to schedule important meetings and conversations, plan them for Monday night, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning. The weekend may be the best part of this week: it promises fun encounters and meaningful interactions with children.


Monday April 20th morning and afternoon: Moon in Taurus

Today the Sun moves to the sign of Taurus and joins the Moon, Mercury, and Mars in the most sensual sign of pleasure, fertility, and wealth. With both luminaries and two planets representing our minds, thoughts, and actions gathering together in Taurus we are bound to crave sensual pleasures, money, and stability. At times, we may experience fears of losing the security in our lives, and we may be considering the ways to transform our lives, to stabilize and secure our assets forever. It may be impossible to focus on simple bodily pleasures that bring us joy on a weekday and especially in the very beginning of the workweek, but, to feel good, we should try to introduce a touch of luxury and sensuality in our routine: wear your expensive jewelry or that cashmere sweater that you save for special days and indulge in gourmet foods at your lunch time. It’s just that simple with the Taurus energy, and it will make you feel so much better and secure. Enjoying simple sensual pleasures is really the only thing that can make us happy on this day – any actions and beginnings will not result in the desired outcomes today. Wait until tomorrow to start your workweek right.


Monday April 20th evening – Wednesday April 22nd: Moon in Gemini

The Moon moves to Gemini and makes contacts with Venus and Jupiter shortly. These are two most beneficial planets in our horoscopes that bring luck, love, and joy into our lives. It will be a perfect time to reach out and interact with others, whether for business or for pleasure. The connections will be instant, people will easily relate to our words, and communications will be happy and enjoyable. If you need to contact someone about important decisions or deals, do it on Monday in the evening (after 7:30 EDT), on Tuesday, or on Wednesday in the morning and early afternoon (before 1:30 EDT). After that, it would be the best to interact with friends, colleagues, and families for pleasure and not discuss anything that requires actions or decisions.


Thursday April 23rd – Saturday April 25thearly morning: Moon in Cancer

The workweek is not over yet, but as early as on Thursday morning, we may start missing our family time and having a strong pull to chose the family and home over the work and business tasks. Your presence at home with your family may be actually required on this day, and you may have to choose between caring for your family and your work demands. Choose the family – you will not regret, as the Moon is in the sign of Cancer – the sign of homes and families. If called to fulfill your family responsibilities or to care for your house on Friday, don’t fear that you would be missing much – most of Friday and early Saturday are the void hours when we should not do anything important or expect any positive results. When we wake up in our homes in our own beds on Saturday, we will feel that we are in a right place, and this is the only place we belong now!


Saturday April 25th late morning – Sunday April 26th: Moon in Leo

If you have your own children, nephews, or grandchildren, or if you are close to your friends’ kids, you may decide to introduce some structure in their education or teach them about their family traditions, religion, or heritage. This would be a perfect day to dedicate to children’s education and to expand it beyond the minimal requirements of the early school programs. Both you and children will have fun and will absorb the lesson. If there are no kids in your life now, focus on romance – there may be sparks of electricity when you reconnect with someone from your past, or a feeling of instant and karmic recognition with someone new. Dates, parties, gambling, attending plays and performances should be enjoyable both on Saturday and on Sunday.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Week of April 20th – April 26th

Monday April 20thuntil 7:27 PM;

Wednesday April 22nd1:37 AM – Thursday April 23rd 12:25 AM;

Friday April 24th1:03 PM – Saturday April 25th 9:12 AM.

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