LiVE IN SYNC WITH THE MOON: Week of May 18th


Week of May 18th– May 24th

Early in the morning on Monday, the Moon will begin her new cycle in the sign of Taurus, a couple of hours before she moves to the sign of Gemini and creates a busy start of the work week for us. The beginning of the week promises to be very Mercurial: the week starts with the Moon in Gemini, and Mercury is beginning his retrograde motion in the sign of Gemini on the same day. Many people are horrified by the retrograde Mercury: the days of his retrograde motion are notorious for documents getting lost, mail delayed, flights cancelled, appointments missed, and important things forgotten. Mercury retrograde periods do not affect everyone equally every time: sometimes we feel them profoundly, other times they just fly by unnoticed. To find out why we feel Mercury retrograde differently from each other and every time and what is the retrograde motion, read my article on Mercury on my website. Independently of whether you will be affected by the retrograde motion of Mercury this time, the week, which begins with the Moon in Gemini and Mercury going retrograde in Gemini and proceeds with the Sun moving to the sign of Gemini on Thursday, will be busy and chaotic for everyone. We may get some playtime and fun on weekend, with the Moon in playful and creative sign of Leo.

Moon in Gemini, Monday May 18th – Wednesday May 20th morning:

The new Lunar cycle starts very early in the morning, and the week begins as a busy action time right from the start. The day is super-busy and full of taking, moving, repeating things over and over again. Try to sign the contracts, take care of any paperwork, and backup your computer content on Monday, before Mercury goes retrograde on Monday evening. In addition to the regular mess that Mercury retrograde creates in our lives, this time he is retrograde in the sign of Gemini, stressing the need to pay attention to papers, documents, cars and computers.

On Tuesday, don’t plan much for the afternoon, as your plans may not realize. Do not hurry to start your Wednesday either – you will be more productive and more successful in achieving anything you plan if you start later, after 10 AM EST. All three days, you may be chatty, feel more curious about different things than you are usually, and may be trying to gather information about various subjects. It is probably the best to keep your attention on reading and working with information for the afternoon of Tuesday through the Wednesday morning and stay away from any actions, especially the ones involving paperwork, contracts, documents, or cars and computers.

Moon in Cancer: Wednesday May 20th late morning – Friday May 22nd early evening:

We may be getting emotional as the Moon moves to Cancer. We may want more emotional security and stronger family and home. As the day proceeds, we may be spilling our emotions on others and trying to uncover deep secrets and truths that may interfere with our relationships. For some of us, understanding the real situation and realizing where the relationships stand may lead to life-changing decisions – peaceful ones, if we are able to balance everyone’s interests, reach emotional harmony and remain calm, or confrontational and defensive, if we let our negative past experiences to take over. Our emotional turmoil may keep some of us awake through the Thursday/Friday night.

Friday will be another day when it would be better to just lie low and avoid initiating anything of importance until Friday evening, when the Moon moves to fun loving and playful Leo.

Moon in Leo, Friday May 22nd evening – Sunday May 24th all day.

As the Moon moves to Leo, she will make harmonious contacts with several planets. Friday evening will be a perfect time to party or to spend with the children at home. The mood will be playful and happy, and creative ideas will be plentiful.

Sunday will be pleasant as well, and the light and happy energy will make even the toughest responsibilities feel enjoyable. There will be opportunities to reconnect and to have a pleasant conversation with someone from the past or to make important creative decisions for the future directions of our lives. Be creative, play and roar, shine and star – this is what the happy Leo Moon wants you to do this weekend.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours, week of May 18th – May 24th:

Tuesday May 19th1:57 PM – Wednesday May 20th 9:55 AM;

Thursday May 21st8:36 PM – Friday May 22nd 5:42 PM;

Sunday May 24th6:49 AM – end of day.

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