Live in sync with the Moon! Week of February 16th

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of February 16th– March 1st

This will be the week of New Moon and of the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. Just as both the Moon and the Sun are leaving the sign of Aquarius in the evening of February 18th, they align in a straight line with the Earth in the very last minute of the last degree of the sign of Aquarius to begin the new Lunar cycle. The theme of a Lunar cycle is determined by this moment of the New Moon and the position of the Moon in the Zodiac at this particular moment. This month, the Moon seems to make a final effort in the nick of time to align with the Sun and with the Earth in Aquarius stressing our need to work and to make progress in those parts of our lives related to this Zodiac sign: connections with our friends and groups, networking, inventing and revolutionizing, working towards breakthroughs in our lives, striving for our highest goals and expectations, and remaining loyal to humanitarian ideas. It seems symbolic that the previous New Moon occurred in the very first degree of Aquarius, offering us a chance to make new beginnings and breakthroughs and that the current new Moon will occur in the very last minute of the sign suggesting to us acting on this chance before it is too late.

Monday February 16thmorning and afternoon: Moon in Capricorn.

What a perfect beginning of a new workweek! The serious, sensible, productive, and business-like energy of the Moon in Capricorn can be used in responsible but transformative and passionate ways and will aid our intellectual tasks. Business communications, exchanges, drafting papers, networking, or just thinking about our projects will be rewarding. Even better, thanks to the productive contacts of the Moon to Mars and Venus, all these activities may result in decisive and energetic actions, especially when involving the relationships with partners or customers. Not only we will be efficient but we will also be super-intuitive when engaging in business interactions with others.

Monday February 16thevening – Wednesday February 18th: afternoon: Moon is in Aquarius.

As the workday winds down, so does our work mood. We remember about our friends, neighbor and relatives and will feel happy communicating with them – calling, meeting online, chatting on Skype. These two days are reminding us our responsibilities to people we are connected to. These are also the best days to think about the plans for the new Lunar cycle and our intentions and plans for the next month. Whatever we decide to develop in our lives now will grow for the next two weeks, blossom at the time of the Full Moon, and bring fruits by the end of the next Lunar cycle. Set your time to meditate on the new Lunar cycle before Wednesday evening!

Wednesday February 18thevening – Friday February 20th afternoon: Moon is in Pisces.

Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy time… We will be perfectly connected with our emotions and dreams. Imagination will be too vivid and our dreams and illusions will seem too real and sometimes will clash with our growing responsibilities and the reality. It will be so easy to relate to others, including our romantic partners… Don’t trust too much this dreamy days, wait until the Moon moves to Aries to act on your dreams if you don’t want to be fooled by your illusions.

Friday February 20thevening – Sunday February 22nd afternoon: Moon is in Aries.

The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries together with Mars and Venus, highlighting the activities shared with others, especially with our romantic partners. Sex may be wild, but we may also become defensive or too fast to act and to confront. This is the time of spontaneity, action, and high energy.  Any physical activity with your partner will be delightful and satisfying. Hit the gym, go bowling, skiing or dancing, run on the beach, or plow the snow together. On Saturday, don’t try to achieve much – you will not succeed. Instead, just enjoy unproductive physical activities and movement. 

Sunday February 22ndevening: Moon in Taurus.

After the active weekend and high action – high energy time spent with people we love, Sunday evening is a delight if used to relax, to indulge in tasty food and luxurious bath, to move slowly and take care of your own sensual needs. If you plan an evening of a gourmet dinner followed by the time of relaxation in your favorite chair with a glass of the best-you-can-afford wine and finished by a bubble bath, you will get all the rest you need to start the new week and will feel fully satisfied with your recharging weekend.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST):

Thursday February 19th 6:01 PM – Friday February 20th 6:12 PM;

Saturday February 22nd 00:35 – Sunday February 23rd00:28.

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