The week starts just after the full Moon in Scorpio, signifying the high time for seeing clearly the hidden and the deep, anything that is masked by our psychological issues and by our resistance to go deeper into the soul of the matter and to uncover the truth. Seeing it clearly may be intense, but also transforming.

These days are not rich in astrological events, but throughout the week, we will be offered several choices, and it seems that we will be mostly sensible, cold and realistic about our decisions. The week will also offer opportunities to see other people and to look into their views of life and their positions relative to ours. It will be a week when we will not only see others more clearly, but will also rely on them more than usually when making our decisions.

Moon in Scorpio: Monday May 4th whole day – Tuesday May 5th early morning.

As the day starts, we will be facing several dilemmas, one after another: should we explore our deepest desires and emotions, or should we stubbornly choose to stay in a comfort of the superficial reality? Should we analyze the deeply hidden truth about our emotional security and bring it out in the open, or should we sweep it under the rug and act on our immediate material needs and immediate gratification? We may be balancing between the two paths and feel that we just have to choose one or another to remain in control… I think most of us will choose the easy and instantly gratifying comfort of pursuing material needs and acting to achieve the satisfaction of our senses rather than submerging into the murky waters of self-analysis. This will keep us on the sunny side of today’s street and may bring healing to our emotions as well.

Moon in Sagittarius: Tuesday May 5th – Thursday May 7th early afternoon.

We may be contemplating the ways to expand out limits and/or to break free of our obligations. We may also clearly see the logical and intelligent ways to do so. The results will depend on whether we are guided by our highest ideals or by our deepest illusions. Seek advice and input from other people – these days, they may offer you their wisdom that will not be binding or limiting your independence, and they may pleasantly surprise you by suggesting something you could not think of on your own or even offering their help. Acting on an impulse is not the best decision now.

Moon in Capricorn: Thursday May 7th afternoon – Saturday May 9th early evening.

For the next month, our interactions with our partners and other people may become more caring, more emotional than they are usually. We may start caring more about other’s feelings and points of view, and they may reciprocate our interest by doing the same for us. This will be a good month to tie the knot or to make a decision to proceed in the family/house partnership direction.

On Thursday and Friday, we may have a desire and an opportunity to commit to our dreams and ideals or to solidify them and build them into the reality.

Moon in Aquarius: Saturday May 9th evening – Sunday May 10th.

The Aquarius Moon is a colder detached one. During the transit of the Moon in Aquarius we may be not as empathetic, passionate and invested in other’s affairs as we normally are. These days, we may feel it especially strongly. We may operate on pure logic, decide to care about our families and anyone who is close to us in a detached, grownup way and to let them be more autonomous and more responsible for their own needs and affairs. If faced with the choice of being your own independent and authentic person or to expand your commitments, we will be better off when trusting our ideas and thoughts and being brainy about the decision.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Week of May 4th– May 10th

Thursday May 7th 1:51 PM – 2:16 PM

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