After intense astrological events of the last couple of weeks (difficult and rare contact between Pluto and Uranus, two full eclipses – of the Sun and of the Moon, the beginning of the new astrological year on the Vernal Equinox that coincided with the New Moon and with the total Solar eclipse in the end of the very last degree of the very last Zodiac Sign Pisces), the next couple of weeks offer an opportunity to unwind and regroup. The Moon is declining in light and size and suggests that we need to process, analyze, and discuss the events and revelations of the last couple of weeks before regrouping and getting back into action in the second half of April. Second half of March and beginning of April have been busy and rich in new impressions and unprocessed feelings, and now is the time to reflect and to start making new plans for the rest of the astrological year that just started two weeks ago with a big bang. The sequence of the recent eclipses – Solar eclipse in the last degree of the last Zodiac sign of Pisces followed by Lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra (scale) signified the end of an astrologically dramatic cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of a search for balance and inner peace.


Monday April 6th – Tuesday April 7th: Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Moon goes deep, and we revisit and reassess our deepest believes and philosophies. Both days we will be seeking balance between our beliefs and exploration of truth and comfort and pleasures of our earthly existence. We may be seeking to reconcile the transformative re-examination of our ethical and moral principles with the practicalities of getting the most out of our existence in a physical body. We may make very unusual choices on this day that would seem to be revolutionary and liberating, but could only lead to dissatisfaction and disturbance of our emotional security.


Wednesday April 8th – Friday April 10thearly morning: Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is moving into freedom-loving Sagittarius, and we may feel that we daydream about acting selfishly and about pursuing our own interests and about breaking free. However, we will be gently reminded about responsibilities, moral norms, and expectations. Our commitments and ethical principles will prevent us from going after our selfish dreams. Our choices will be perfectly aligned with our religious and moral views, and we will make these choices with heart passion and cool heads. Make your decisions before the Thursday afternoon, or you may miss the time to act on your decisions and produce desired outcomes.


Friday April 10th morning – Sunday April 12th morning and early afternoon: Moon in Capricorn

Action, persistence, focus, and motivation are the key words for Friday and Saturday. This will be a great time to be practical and to charge ahead with the business or money plans. However, deep fears will hold us back from making quick and bold choices and acting on innovative ideas. We may think fast and bold, but at the same time we may be paralyzed by the memories of our past experiences. If we can overcome our fears and move forward to explore unthreaded waters, our actions may become gold.

If you could not overcome the fears and the pull of the past trauma on Friday or Saturday, just relax and let yourself relax on Sunday morning – it would be too late to act. If you did overcome the psychological obstacles and were able to use the productive practical energy of Capricorn Moon to your advantage, you probably can relax on Sunday morning and celebrate your breakthrough achievements by giving yourself a break after the hard work and effort. Don’t plan anything important and significant fro Sunday morning – nothing will come out of your effort until the Moon moves to Aquarius on Sunday afternoon.


Sunday April 12th afternoon – end of day: Moon in Aquarius

Sunday afternoon is a pleasant end of the weekend, perfect for interacting with friends, having amicable conversations and long phone calls with the best friends. The only thing that may destroy the fun fro a while and threaten the lovely interactions would be someone’s stubbornness and passive aggression. If an unpleasant situation develops, it will not ruin the day and should not become long lasting or significant, especially now, when you know about the possibility of an aggressive exchange. The day will end on a joyful note, and the harmony will be quickly restored. Don’t spend Sunday afternoon alone at your computer – use this fun time to interact with others and to expand your horizons. Sunday afternoon and evening will be perfect for fun and enjoyable conversations and romantic encounters when attending a friends gathering.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):


Week of April 6th – April 12th

Thursday April 9th1:41 PM – Friday April 10th 8:46 AM;

Sunday April 12th4:14 AM – 1:43 PM.

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