Live in sync with the Moon! Week of February 23rd

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of February 23rd– March 1st   

The crescent of the New Moon is growing in size and light and is becoming "a half” of the Moon as it reaches the First Quarter phase. It looks like the Moon is "growing” and "shining” in the sky, but we need not forget that the Moon does not produce any light, it only reflects the light of the Sun, and its phases reflect the position of the Moon relative to the Sun and the Earth. In its New Moon phase, the Moon is the closest to the Sun and is positioned between the Sun and the Earth. Thus, it cannot reflect the light of the Sun to the Earth and is a quiet, unseen, and inactive Moon.  We may be starting the new projects and developments during the New Moon phase. The First Quarter Moon is moving away from the Sun and is coming out of the shadow. It begins to invoke the action, but it is not strong and powerful enough to bring the accomplishments. We may feel conflicted and dissatisfied with the slow pace or the direction of our projects and lives, and this is understandable. As the Moon grows, it will bring more energy and light to our actions.

Monday February 23rd - Tuesday February 24th: Moon is in Taurus.

Sometimes, the Moon in Taurus prompts us to slow down and pamper our bodies and souls. Not this time. The Monday Moon is bringing our focus on financing and stabilizing our communications and our education. Someone may be paying a tuition bill, others may be buying computers to enroll into an online course, yet others may be dealing with drafting a court document related to their possessions. It will be an activity-packed and full of decisions day that definitely will not feel relaxed and slow. The money-related communications may be more difficult than usually, and discussions may escalate due to the differences in values and life philosophies. To aid in making decisions if the conflict arises, look back in the past, examine your past experiences and rely on what you learned from your past and on what feels easy for you to accept.

Tuesday may feel frustrating if you are trying to achieve a result from your activities and actions. Any outcome will probably be delayed or will not happen at all. It is better to prepare for a day that will not produce any fruits of your labor and effort and to spend it enjoying some comfort and relaxation. This is a perfect day to get a massage, to book and appointment at the spa, or to enjoy comfort foods and good wine. If you can afford it, just focus on organizing your jewelry box (you may find a forgotten treasure) or balancing your bank account and revising your assets, but don’t act on anything that is expected to bring important outcomes.

Wednesday February 25th– Thursday February 26th: Moon is in Gemini.

We will be reminded about the limits of time and will feel that we need to act fast to follow on our life path. The focus will be on the information and knowledge that we learned in the past, and our values (family values) and patterns that we learned early in life will be highlighted and challenged by the current life directions and the new information we may receive on this day. Act fast, but take in account the needs of other people, and choose wisely between keeping the peace and asserting your independence and autonomy. There may be confusion and the feeling of being victimized or a desire to make a sacrifice. If unsure, don’t make any decisions for a couple of days. Remember that this just a celestial arrangement that makes you feel that the time is running out and you need to be fast.

Thursday is another day that is not recommended for starting anything that you expect to bring fruits. Again, don’t count on accomplishing a lot and producing any tangible results. It will be best spent reaching out to your siblings and neighbors or your Facebook friends, writing and communicating with others, especially if you use your computer or your phone to reach out.

 Friday February 27th– Sunday March 1st afternoon: Moon is in Cancer.

The workweek is not over yet, but our thoughts may already shift to our families and our homes, and we may be already planning our weekend with the people we love the most. If you have dinner plans for Friday or Saturday night, you will not be disappointed with your food: the meal will be tasty and timely. At times, you may be conflicted about acting on your own values and asserting your autonomy or keeping the peace and pleasing others, and on Saturday this may feel as a power struggle. Rely on expressing your personality and making your own choices, and don’t let the illusions and dreams to overcome you and to shadow your core values.

Sunday March 1stevening: Moon is in Leo.

Sunday night is easy, passionate, playful, and hot. We will enjoy romance, attention, and a fun evening, but will not forget about our responsibilities and commitments. Everything will feel easy and organic, and there will be no tension or conflicts. A date, a party, attending a play, or gaming and gambling will feel just right on this Sunday evening!

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST):

Monday February 23rd 9:57 PM – Tuesday February 24th 11:53 PM;

Thursday February 26th 3:43 AM – Friday February 27th 7:49 AM;

Saturday February 28th 12:53 PM – Sunday March 01 6:34 PM.

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