Live in sync with the Moon! Week of March 16

Live in sync with the Moon!

 Week of March 16th – March 22nd  

This week is the astrological highlight of the month, with the Vernal Equinox and the start of the new astrological year (Sun enters Aries, the first Tropical Zodiac sign) and the total Solar Eclipse in the last degree of Pisces (that cannot be seen in the US), shortly followed by the New Moon in Aries and the Sun move into Aries. All these events are happening just four days after another intense astrological arrangement of planets Pluto and Uranus, which may act fast and unexpectedly as a lightening and wound deep and ruthlessly. It is impossible to know whether you personally could be deeply influenced by these events without considering your birth horoscope with the exact time of birth and place, but it is possible to predict that if you are the subject of these astrological alignments, you will feel the consequences for months to come. While Pluto and Uranus communication may manifest in your life as sudden and profound changes and unexpected and deeply influential events (if your birth horoscope is affected by this planetary arrangement), Solar eclipse may reveal something that you were not aware of, something that was hidden from you and now coming out of the shadow (the nature of the revelation can be seen in your birth horoscope). Whether you are or are not the subject of these celestial arrangements and whether you will or will not experience the direct effects of these astrological events, you will feel the intensity of the week.

Monday March 16th – Tuesday March 18th: Moon in Aquarius

These days are great for creative intellectual projects. The mind will be fast and sharp, and the thoughts will be quickly translated into actions. The only requirement to be efficient is to resist the playful and leisurely attitude and to really commit to the thinking process and to exploring the limits of the mind. It could be difficult to concentrate, but focusing your attention on an intellectual task may do wonders. Finish it by the mid day on Tuesday: the afternoon will not be productive or satisfying if you planned to achieve concrete results.

Wednesday March 18th – Thursday March 19th: Moon in Pisces

If you did not finish your activities that require thinking on Tuesday, you are unlikely to succeed on Wednesday or Thursday. The thoughts may be literally dissolving without taking a clear form, and the mood will be dreamy and sleepy. Communications may become unclear, and illusions may replace the picture of the reality for a couple of days. The best thing to do is to take the days off and dedicate them to music or meditation in preparation for the new astrological year, New Moon, and the Solar eclipse. 

Friday March 20th – Saturday March 21st: Moon in Aries

The total Solar eclipse early in the morning is shortly followed by the New Moon, and, on top of these cosmic events, this is also the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of spring and the new astrological year. Depending on our birth horoscope, we feel specific eclipses profoundly or may not notice them at all. Watch for truth coming out, previously unrecognized abilities and opportunities discovered, and something hidden becoming obvious. We will be unable to see the Solar eclipse in the United States, but, if the planets in the birth horoscope align with the Sun and Moon at the Zodiacal point of the eclipse, we will sure feel it profoundly and will experience the consequences for months to come. Happy New Astro Year!

Saturday cannot be compared in its astrological intensity to Friday, but it will not feel relaxing either. It will be high-energy day with physical activities and electric mood changing as a strike of lightening. In the evening, thoughts about the fading beauty and the aging body may be on our mind, but this will not prevent us from being in the mood for physical pleasures and sexual encounters.

Sunday March 22nd: Moon in Taurus

After the astrologically intense week, Sunday is a bliss. Lazy mood, slow moves, pleasant dreams, music, slow pace. Anything that pampers the body and everything that bring pleasure will be twice more enjoyable than it is on other days. It does not look like a good day to go out on a town or to plan a workout. This is a perfect day to relax, to get a bubble bath or a massage, to love and to pamper yourself. 

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Monday March 16th 4:01 AM – 6:13 AM;

Tuesday March 17th 2:18 PM – Wednesday march 18th 6:57 AM;

Saturday March 21st 6:50 PM – Sunday March 22nd 6:40 AM.


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