Live in sync with the Moon! Week of March 23

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of March 23rd – March 29th   

The last week of March promises to be an easy and enjoyable week, especially if we manage to float on the surface during the emotional days at the end of the week, from the late Thursday hours through the morning of Sunday. The week may not be very productive, but it should be full of pleasant interactions and small talks. Just stay on the surface and don’t go too deep! If start feeling too emotional, grab a sentimental movie and express the super emotional energy by crying over a fictional story. The Moon still has little light, and we cannot see clearly where the life is taking us at this moment. Our minds may be not performing at their most logical and sharpest either, due to a miserable position of Mercury, the planet of thoughts and logic, in the sky. Take it easy this week, don’t try to hard, just float through the week and enjoy the positive, passionate, and playful energy of the Sunday afternoon and evening.

Monday March 23rd: Moon is in Taurus

Taurus is the sign where Moon feels the best and performs the best bringing us stable emotions and pleasant moods. The harmonious interactions between the Moon, Venus and Mercury on this day promise that we will harmoniously communicate with others and will be able to relate to others and to express the best of our feelings. This is not a day to start anything important or to have a productive business meeting. It is all about being and interact with those who make us feel comfortable and loved. The fuzzy feelings of being the best of yourself will continue into Tuesday morning, right until that time when we have to transit into our business day.

Tuesday March 24th late morning – Thursday March 26thearly afternoon: Moon is in Gemini

Moon in Gemini is usually good for everyday tasks, routine interactions, attending to the paperwork and any documents, and performing any tasks that need logical thinking. However, these days Mercury, the ruler of the sign of Geminis, is in a bad position in the sky and cannot perform at his best. This reflects on the Moon in Gemini, which may not be as efficient as it would be normally in this Zodiac sign. Our minds may be a little foggy, our thoughts may be a bit blurry, our words may not come that easily, and our logic may not be that logical these days. On Tuesday, we may be tempted to choose between sticking to out routine tasks or exploring our limits, and we will be better off this time just staying with what we know well. We may need to look into our hearts to admit this to ourselves, and, if we do, we will happily float through these confusing days of broken logic and unclear reason and through the unproductive and sometimes frustrating Thursday morning hours.

Thursday March 26th late afternoon – Sunday March 29thearly afternoon: Moon is in Cancer

We may be experiencing the limitless ocean of deep emotions as soon as the Moon enters the sign of Cancer and reaches out to Neptune in Pisces, the planet that dissolves all the limits in the limitless sign. To keep your cool remind yourself about your core values and assert your most important life choices. In this celestial weather, it may be difficult to deal with any sudden developments that will affect our feelings and our emotional security, but staying on our life path with our past choices will keep us afloat and bring us harmony and peace. The emotional and limitless energy of these days may be harnessed and transformed into more contained energy if we choose to listen to a music (it’s Saturday – go out to a good concert that may make you feel emotional and fulfilled) or get lost in a sentimental movie. Engaging in these activities would release the intensity of the emotions without having anything to do with our real lives.

Sunday March 29th from afternoon through the end of the day: Moon is in Leo

Party time! Time to shine and celebrate. Time to romance and to play. Time to spend the Sunday with the little kids and stage a puppet play in your living room. This Sunday will be a great active day, enjoyable and bright. The mood will be playful, passionate, and light-hearted. Take advantage of this energy and express your inner child. Be creative and joyful.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Monday March 23rd 10:24 AM – Tuesday March 24th 9:22 AM;

Thursday March 26th 8:34 AM – 3:45 PM;


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