Live in sync with the Moon! Week of March 2

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of March 2nd – March 8th  

March of 2015 is an astrologically charged month with a number of intense celestial events, including the total Solar eclipse (that will not be visible in the US), the Vernal Equinox (the point of the equal day and night and the beginning of the new astrological year with the move of the Sun into Aries), and a number of other difficult planetary arrangements.

This week may start as light-hearted and playful, but it may rapidly become intense as Venus, the planet of relationships, makes a quick contact with the Moon and then proceeds to contacting several other planets – Jupiter that will amplify any relationship issues, Uranus that brings in an electric shock and rapid unexpected changes, and intense deep Pluto that calls for transforming the relationships and other areas of life associated with Venus - our values and possessions. The intensity will be amplified by the Full Moon on March 5th that may make us especially sensitive and super energized and irritable. The Full Moon in the sign of Virgo may call for the detailed analysis of the past patterns in our actions and relationships and may result in sudden revelations and a need for change. 

Monday March 2nd – Tuesday March 3rd: Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo sets a creative and playful mood. The new week starts with a pleasant time and a light-hearted mood. We will feel good about our past decisions and future directions, including the decisions regarding our relationships and any relationship-related actions. However, watch what you are saying – we may be in danger of putting our foot in our mouth and later regret about our words. As always, a Leo Moon is a perfect time to spend with children and pets or to enjoy a creative project. It is also a great time to take care of your hair, to trim it or to get a new haircut, color, or treatment: the legend says it will grow and look as luscious as the lion’s mane! However, don’t start any important changes on Tuesday – nothing will work out. If possible, take it easy on Tuesday and don’t expect any important outcomes form any new endeavors.

Wednesday March 4th– Friday March 6thafternoon: Moon in Virgo

Wednesday and Thursday are the most intense days of this week. The Full Moon illuminates everything and makes us see clear our choices and our dreams, and the sign of Virgo pushes us to scrutinize and re-examine our selves, our dreams and illusions, and our commitments. The Moon in Virgo always brings a productive time, a time to serve the others, a time of intense work and satisfaction from routine work and service. This time, it promises to be more analytical and contemplative, with the opportunities and decisions to reconsider our dreams and our choices and to say goodbye to our illusions. On a background of the Full Moon, Venus, the planet of relationships and relating, makes several connections to other planets. Our choices analyzed under the Virgo Moon may be related to the relationships, and sudden developments cannot be excluded. We may break free from our old relationship patterns or to recommit to our past.

After the intense Wednesday and morning – early afternoon Thursday, late Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening, and Friday morning and afternoon will feel almost frustratingly uneventful. We may try to initiate projects and be productive and efficient, but nothing will work the way we want it to, and nothing will bring a satisfaction of accomplishment. It will be better to attend to our routine chores and not to expect much from our selves and others. 

Friday March 6th evening – Sunday March 8th: Moon in Libra

Late Friday evening and the weekend will be action- and relationship-packed. We will feel the need for transformation, action, and change. The interactions will be charged, but mostly in good way: we all will be committed to keep a peace and balance in our lives and relationships. We will seek a balance between our past actions and our future plans. A great weekend for dressing up and going out, attending a formal dinner, or heading to see a new art exhibition. Also favorable for decorating your home and making cosmetic improvements in a living or a work space. If meeting a potential client or collaborator, the deals should go smoothly and pleasantly, to everyone’s satisfaction. However, finish anything you would be doing by 9 PM EDT on Sunday and don’t plan anything important for the late evening on Sunday -  any efforts after that time will be in vain. 

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST/EDT):

Tuesday March 3rd 3:47 AM – Wednesday March 4th 6:56 AM;

Thursday March 5th 1:36 PM – Friday March 6th 7:52 PM;

Sunday March 8th 9:23 PM – end of day.


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