Live in sync with the Moon! Week of January 19-25

Live in sync with the Moon!


Week of January 19 – 25


With the start of a new lunar month early on Tuesday, this is a great time to start new projects at home and at work.


Monday, January 19th - Moon in Capricorn.

Moon in Capricorn sets a perfect start for the business week. We will be productive at work and will charge ahead with the business projects as the new week begins. Monday is the last day of the lunar month and a great day to make your work plans for the next lunar month that starts in the morning on Tuesday.


Tuesday, January 20 – Wednesday 21: Moon in Aquarius.

These two days are perfect for networking and connecting to your friends in person and online. It is a great time to have get-togethers and to meet with any interest groups you are involved with.


Thursday January 22 – Friday 23: Moon in Pisces.

Dream big, don’t mind the limits! Dreamy Pisces Moon will help you transcend the limits and find comfort in your dreams and imagination. You will find charitable work and serving others more rewarding than in other days.


Saturday January 24 – morning of Monday 26: Moon in Aries.

We will feel energized and eager to act. Great days for physical activities or anything that require physical effort. With the excess energy under your belt, it is a great Monday morning to charge ahead into a new week!


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST):


Monday January 19th 5:51 AM through the end of the day;

Tuesday January 20th before 7:59 AM;

Wednesday January 21st 8:45 PM through the end of the day;

Thursday January 22nd before 7:47 AM;

Friday January 23rd 6:12 AM through the end of the day;

Saturday January 24th before 8:31 AM.

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