LIVE IN SYNC WITH THE MOON: Week of April 13th

The week starts with the waning last quarter Moon, which later becomes Balsamic Moon, signifying the best time to prepare for the new Lunar cycle, to meditate on our intentions for the next month, and to make specific plans in preparation for it. It ends with the New Moon and the new beginnings on Saturday in the afternoon. The alignment of the Zodiac signs of the Moon this week is very appropriate for the activities that are normally recommended for the specific Lunar phases: the week starts with the Moon in Aquarius – a great sign supporting analysis of the recent events and thinking about the goals for the next months, an intellectual sign. Early on March 15th, the Balsamic Moon phase starts when the Moon is in the sign of Pisces – the perfect sign supporting meditation and intuitive explorations, as well as the synthesis of our emotions and endings. Not only the Moon will be Balsamic and in Pisces, but it will be also shortly joined by Neptune – the ruler of Pisces and a greatest supporter of meditation and dreaming. Dream big – these are the ideal sign and the ideal Lunar phase joined together to support your dreams and meditation! The New Moon occurs in the sign of Aries on April 18th in the afternoon (in the eastern states), the sign of new beginnings, action, and charging ahead with anything pioneering and fresh. Furthermore, the week ends with the growing New Moon in Taurus – a great fertile sign perfect for planting seeds, whether you are planting real tomatoes or the seeds of your future achievements and growth. Best planting phase of the Moon and a great fertile sign coincide to support us in our new starts and new growth! Use the doubled energy of the Moon this week! This promises to be a very harmonious, easy, and enjoyable week.


Monday April 13th – Tuesday April 14thafternoon: Moon in Aquarius

The fun and the joy grow when you can share them with others! Reach out and interact with your friends and associate – you will enjoy socializing and may learn something very new and fresh. You will not be easily drawn into a drama or a quarrel, you will be able to effortlessly keep your distance and remain detached and unemotional.


Tuesday April 14th evening – Thursday April 16th afternoon: Moon in Pisces

Tuesday evening, when a choice arises between remaining true to your obligations and breaking free and having fun and chase your idea of pleasure and gratification, you may end up choosing neither and retreating into the world of illusions and dreams instead. This may not be a bad idea for the two days of Moon in Pisces that will also begin the Balsamic phase: letting go and pursuing the meditation and the spiritual exploration is the best thing to do these days in order to use the energies of the Balsamic Moon and of Pisces efficiently. The more you let go, the more you may achieve in the long run. Doing so may be very wise and healing. Wednesday evening and most of Thursday will not be good days to start or achieve anything: your efforts may not be rewarded, and anything you start may not be fruitful.


Thursday April 16th evening – Saturday April 18th afternoon: Moon in Aries

As the Moon moves to Aries and the new Lunar cycle approaches, we may start having bold and ambitious ideas for our immediate future. It may be difficult to relax and not charge ahead, but we need to remember that it is not a good time to start anything new yet. Bridle yourself and make a decision to wait until 3 PM on Saturday (EDT). To use the pioneering and active energy of Aries Moon that is also in its Balsamic phase, focus on making bold and daring plans or spend more time in a gym to have a healthy outlet for the Aries energy. On Friday, watch for those situations that may make you lose your temper and to become angry or too intense.


Saturday April 18th evening – Sunday April 19th: Moon in Taurus

A great day to plant seeds of your immediate future plans or to just plant seeds! It may be too cold to garden outside for many areas, but planting the seeds to grow them indoor in preparation for the outdoor gardening season would be a great way to spend Sunday morning! With the power of the New Moon and the energy of one of the most fertile Zodiac signs, Taurus, anything you start or plant on Saturday evening or on Sunday will grow strong, live long, and blossom. However, free your Sunday evening from any chores and beginnings that you expect to bring fruits – this may not happen of you start your work after 7 PM (EDT). Instead, enjoy as great dinner or a bubble bath – the joys of flesh will be especially pleasant this evening!

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Week of April 13th – April 19th

Wednesday April 15th5:36 PM – Thursday April 16th 4:59 PM;

Sunday April 19th7:06 PM – end of day.


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