Live in sync with the Moon! Week of March 9

Live in sync with the Moon!

Week of March 9th – March 15th  

The second week of March brings Mars forward in our lives. It’s up to us whether we decide to express the Martian energy as action and motivation or as anger and frustration. I suggest focusing on action, getting very motivated, and charging ahead, because this focus may bring sudden breakthroughs and transformational changes to our life patterns and our plans for the future. If, however, we choose to give in to anger and destructive energy, it may become amplified and super destructive and toxic. The waning Moon reminds that there is not too much time left to make a choice… But the Moon still has plenty of light in the sky, and we still have plenty of power to correct and straighten anything that went wrong in the last couple of weeks. If the choices and actions involve thinking and logical decisions, I suggest to settle these not later than Thursday morning, because after that our ability to think clearly and to be decisive and logical may just dissolve, and our minds may become foggy, for about a month ahead. This weekend will start several months of revisiting and reconsidering our commitments and preparing to explore our limits or examining our explorations in the past. This is not the time to set our new commitments and limits in stone yet – we will have several months to consider and reconsider.

Monday March 9th early morning: Moon in Libra

Don’t hurry to start your new week early – the Moon is not in a position to support any of your efforts before 9:10 AM (EDT). Instead, spend more time dressing nice for the day and applying makeup to look put together and to feel glamorous.

You will accomplish more today if you start your day late, as counter-intuitive as this sounds…

Monday March 9th – Wednesday March 11thafternoon: Moon in Scorpio

The week may start in a dreamy mood on Monday, but it will rapidly develop bringing action and flashes of assertive behavior into the play. Tuesday and Wednesday may become quite explosive and emotional. Digging deeper may uncover illusions and even deception, and it may take an effort to keep your cool. Anger and frustration may become very big very rapidly. Try to avoid any outbursts and focus on expressing the active and sometimes aggressive energy of Mars in a positive way, as a higher than usual motivation and drive. This may require making adjustments and overcoming your emotions, but doing so will pay off: you will find spiritual harmony between your emotions and your choices and may experience breakthroughs, transformative changes and satisfaction with your life direction.

Wednesday March 11th evening – Friday March 13th: Moon in Saggitarius

On Wednesday in the evening, you may be reminded about your responsibilities and may be challenged to explore the limits of your obligations trying to align your sense of duty with your dreams and aspirations. You may even feel sacrificing too much of your time and effort to fulfill your obligations that tie you to your past. As a result, you may develop a plan of actions on Thursday, and your need for freedom and change may be exaggerated. If making decisions, I suggest doing so before Thursday is over – your thinking may be foggy and your decisions may be poorly defined after the Thursday night. Thursday and Friday nights may be quite passionate and inspiring, especially when it comes to relationships and romance. The desire to conquer, seduce, romance and play will be strong, but this may not include any thoughts about long-term commitments: the need for freedom and adventure may be too powerful. Friday night Moon does not support anything long-lasting either: little will come out of any actions taken on this evening. It is best spent exploring new grounds but not committing to anything lasting.

Saturday March 14th and Sunday March 15th: Moon in Capricorn

It is ironic that, as the weekend starts, the energy changes from free, non-constraining and playful to serious, ambitious and efficient. We may start considering our past achievements and future ambitions and giving a serious consideration to our ways of asserting our own needs versus complying with others’ plans for us. It is hard to reach a balance, but balance is what we want and what we need. We may have a need to transform our ways and to evaluate whether we want to take on new obligations or to keep the old commitments. We will be unable to make decisions now – this may require weeks and months. However, the Capricorn Moon connecting to heavy and deep Pluto, aggressive and assertive Mars, and electric and fast-to-blow-up Uranus may not let us relax and enjoy our free weekend days…

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT):

Monday March 9th until 9:09 AM;

Friday March 13th 7:11 PM – Saturday March 14th 2:29 AM.


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