Live in sync with the Moon! Week of January 26.

Live in sync with the Moon!


Week of January 26 – February 01


The Moon is growing in size and in light, and you start seeing clearly whether the plans and the resolutions you made a week ago are becoming a reality. As you start anticipating the outcomes, there is still time to make the adjustments and corrections, and this week you know exactly what they need to be.


Monday, January 26th - Moon in Aries in the morning, later moving into Taurus.

You have until about noon (if you live on the East Coast) to start your day with exercise or another physical activity. However, you need to start early, before 9:20 AM to enjoy it and to accomplish what you planned. Doing what you are supposed to do will be difficult in the afternoon and will require an extra effort. Later, in the evening, you may become lazier and slower and may decide that enjoying the ice cream while reclining on your comfortable couch wrapped up in your softest blanket and dreaming or enjoying the music is the best idea for the evening.


Monday, January 26th afternoon – Wednesday 28thafternoon– Moon in Taurus until the evening of 28th.

Attending to your bank account and pampering your body and your soul should be especially rewarding. Tuesday morning may be demanding and may involve power struggles and confrontations and misunderstandings. You may find yourself torn between you emotions and logic. On Wednesday in the evening, you may be distracted form your plans and responsibilities by the phone calls from your sibling and by the pleasant chats.


Wednesday, January 28th afternoon – Friday January 30th: Moon in Gemini.

Reconnect with your siblings and neighbors. Clean your car, but avoid unnecessary repairs – Mercury is retrograde, and it may make you to re-do any car improvement and repairs. On Friday, focus on anything that makes you personality shine and brings you closer to where you want to be in life. On Friday, take it easy and mingle and socialize. Don’t plan anything important for this day – it may not bring the desired results.


Saturday January 31 – Friday February 01: Moon in Cancer.

This is the perfect weekend to spend with your family and at home. You will enjoy any housework, home improvements, cooking, getting around the table with the ones you love, and sorting those old family pictures that you planned to organize for a long time.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST):


Monday January 26th9:23 AM – 11:37 AM;

Tuesday January 27th9:18 PM through the end of the day;

Wednesday January 28thbefore 5:36 PM;

Friday January 30th4:24 AM through the end of the day;

Saturday January 31stbefore 2:08 AM.


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