Week of May 25th – May 31st

Similar to the last week, the astrological events of this week revolve around retrograde Mercury and anything related to paperwork, contracts, documents, computers, cars, communications, neighbors, and siblings.  Delays and miscommunications, as well as missed appointments, lost papers, and broken cars may cause frustration and anger this week. We may let the frustration and anger out in defensive or aggressive words. The hectic and busy beginning of the week may affect our sense of wellbeing, our creativity, our vitality, and our choices. Hang in there: the second half of the week may bring some balance and harmony in our lives for a couple of days, just enough to get some air before the intensity of the Scorpio Moon settles in for the weekend.

The Moon is growing in light and size, and our understanding of directions and goals (at least for next month) becomes clearer with the increased light.

Moon in Virgo, Monday May 25th - Wednesday May 27th afternoon:

Usually the Virgo Moon makes us productive, efficient, hard working, and achieving a lot. Well, may be not on Monday… Or on Tuesday… May be not until the afternoon on Tuesday. On Monday and on Tuesday in the morning, not only the ruler of the sign of Virgo, Mercury, is retrograde and not feeling good, but the Moon makes several uneasy contacts with difficult planets… We may feel  like working hard, but the tasks in hand will not go as smooth as expected – there will be interruptions, errors, frustration, unexpected delays, and even angry feelings. Keep pushing through and starting over and over again if needed: by the Tuesday evening, you may accumulate enough wisdom, insight, and knowledge about the work task, and your dedication may finally pay off. At least by this time we will have better appreciation for and good feelings about our progress. In any case, in the beginning of the week, it is not just about our regular diligence and mediocre effort, it is all about being truly dedicated and invested in the routine tasks and using and acquiring wisdom in dealing with any difficulties. 

Moon in Libra, Wednesday May 27th evening – Friday May 29th:

Wednesday evening will bring a touch of harmony and balance in our lives. We will feel peaceful, aligned with our soul’s needs, caring for others and cared for by the others in a wise mature way. The conversations and communications will be pleasant, and the words will be full of peace and harmony. Use the time to take a breath and to appreciate the moment of peace and harmony after the hectic days and before the emotionally intense weekend.

We may start feeling more intensity and disruption as soon as on Thursday evening, although we still should be able to keep our peace and balance. On Friday, this may require an extra effort, as unexpected events and news may come our way. If you start feeling disturbed, try to find solace in creative projects (especially the ones resulting in beautiful art objects), immerse yourself in a book, or start planning a trip.

Friday night is not a night to party, to go on the town, to garden, and to do your laundry. Reserve this night for meditation, yoga, music, and any other activity that brings harmony and calm to your soul. If you have to entertain, opt for a classy quiet dinner. However, don’t expect much action or lasting results: live in a moment.

Moon in Scorpio, Saturday May 30th – Sunday May 31st:

Saturday will be a good day to be alone and to be quiet. The sign of Scorpio is not the most social sign in the Zodiac, and on this day the Moon is not making any contacts to other planets in the morning, suggesting that a quiet reflection and the exploration of your own deep waters will feel desired and satisfying. When the Moon finally makes a contact with a planet, this will be Neptune, the ruler of dreams and meditation, suggesting again that looking inside our selves and dreaming alone is what we need now. We may not be very social the whole day, but it may become even harder to interact with others in the evening. Our mood for seclusion may be frustrating for people around us, but we just need to let them know that we want to be cared for in a mature way and that we prefer to be given some space and freedom on this strange weekend day. Exploring the outside world may not be on the menu for this Sunday either: we may prefer to focus on investigating and building our inner abilities and powers.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours, week of May 25th – May 31st:

Friday May 29th 4:20 PM – Saturday May 30th 5:33 AM. 

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