!sankofa/en-usCopyright 2018 8/19/2018 1:03:22 PMSmerkar Hardware Supplies!sankofa/business/488665280555555/Smerkar_Hardware_SuppliesSmerkar Hardware Supplies have been serving the Cleveland community for more than 50 years, and is the go to place when you need your home repair and hardware needs solved. We are located right a the intersection of East 61st Street and St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland.7/18/2018 2:39:17 AMThe Broad Axe Tavern!sankofa/business/385886609315626/The_Broad_Axe_TavernThe Broad Axe Tavern dates back to 1681, long before there were the roads Skippack Pike or Butler Pike in front of it. A very fine tavern with great food and great bar located in the city of Ambler PA, the atmosphere is wonderful and we have been serving greater Philadelphia since the beginning...5/24/2018 3:42:48 AMMenyhart Plumbing & Heating Supply!sankofa/business/297187611176421/Menyhart_Plumbing_Heating_Supply The goal of Menyhart Plumbing & Heating Supply is to provide each customer with quality service and expert advice that will separate us from the competition and earn people's confidence, trust and loyalty. We believe it is much more important to gain a customer for a lifetime instead of just making a sale one time! Ideal for households looking to maximize energy savings.8/19/2017 3:42:00 AMSure House Baptist Church!sankofa/business/568369405784646/Sure_House_Baptist_Church9/25/2012 5:46:05 PMDIGIZOOM MEDIA!sankofa/business/148758324637752/DIGIZOOM_MEDIADIGIZOOM MEDIA is a client -focused, Cleveland based video, post and event production company. 2/19/2012 11:12:08 PMHiers Tax Services Inc.!sankofa/business/699372105726277/Hiers_Tax_Services_IncHiers Tax Service, Inc is your partner in tax preparation. We provide tax preparation services for the individual and small business.2/18/2012 7:18:37 AMSepCity!sankofa/business/102179932767114/SepCityWe specialize in Intranet/Extranet web portal software solutions development for your personal and business needs. SepCity was formed in the year 2002 and we are constantly improving our software application functionality and expanding our company. 10/17/2011 12:20:46 AMFinishmaster!sankofa/business/536227967120603/Finishmaster8/25/2011 2:21:47 AMAdvanced Color Coatings Inc!sankofa/business/116699038351968/Advanced_Color_Coatings_Inc8/25/2011 2:04:38 AMAdvanced Color Coatings!sankofa/business/495439197888941/Advanced_Color_Coatings8/25/2011 1:45:48 AM