The Way It Was: Coming To America The Real Story - FREE Shipping

He learned English by watching TV in Africa, his mother sold charcoal to raise five children. He came to America and become a Technical Writer for a Fortune 500 American Corporation. He now has founded a potentially Multi Billion Dollar Global Market Sales Corporation in America.

Tino Adognravi shares his experience from his poverty stricken homeland country of Togo W. Africa to circumstances that let to his coming to America. His vivid story telling ability takes the reader through the challenges he faced in his homeland and here in America and how he surmounted them. Throughout the story, you are bound to experience the convergence of destiny, hunger for self-actualization and cosmic influence just as the author experienced them.

Tino Adognravi's Corporation and its setup far more exceed the expectations of someone who had to swim across a lake in order to make it to school on time. His father was not in his life while he was growing up but the one thing he remembers is that his father told him that only his own intelligence would take him far and he believed his father... He did it and so could you! But only if YOU want to.

This is a "Must Read" book for Everyone!                                     FREE Shipping

Publisher: ISBN: 09762025-6
Tino Adognravi Founder/CEO
Global Market Sales Co., U.S.A.
Publisher: Network.


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