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GoboWeb Business Club

GoboWeb Business Club (GWBC) Membership
(In order to be able to eLease(SM) your disired City community web portal you must first join the GoboWeb Business Club from this page. read-on... below)

GoboWeb is the global Social Networking Community & Marketplace for Everyone. A fully integrated social networking community for Every City in each State in the United States and for every Country, all under one umbrella: GoboWeb is published by Global Market Sales Co., U.S.A.


GoboWeb Business Club(GWBC) Membership Benefits:

In addition to all the general network Members benefits, GoboWeb Business Club Members are considered Super-Affiliates who get the opportunity to eLease a City' Social Networking Community/marketplace web Portal within the Network for up to twelve months at a time. A City's Community web portal Super-Affiliate (eLessee) would promote his/her eLeased city's community web portal and would be the ONLY person or entity with whom Ad revernues from that city's web portal will be shared. Lessee gets 60% of Ad revenues from that city's web portal.

GoboWeb Business Club members get their own personal on-line Community web portal through which they can earn additional revenue stream in the form of Affiliate Commission.

GoboWeb business club membership is only $29.00/year.

You must first enter your favorite city web portal by clicking on the green button below